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Michele Hahn

General Manager/Trainer

Michele Hahn

Inspiring women and fellow moms to reclaim their strength.

More than just a nationally certified personal trainer; Michele is a dedicated mother, an advocate for women's health, and a force for empowerment. Juggling the demands of motherhood and a passion for fitness, Michele understands the challenges busy moms face in prioritizing their well-being. As a pre and postnatal certified trainer, Michele specializes in supporting women through every stage of motherhood, guiding them to stay strong, healthy, and confident throughout their journey.


Her commitment to empowering women extends beyond the gym, as she holds a certification from Girls Gone Strong, emphasizing her dedication to promoting strength and resilience in females of all ages. Michele's approach to fitness goes beyond physical transformation; it's about fostering a mindset of strength, self-care, and self-belief.


Through her personalized training programs and unwavering support, Michele inspires women and fellow moms to reclaim their strength, redefine their limits, and embrace the transformative power of fitness. With Michele by their side, women discover the confidence to thrive inside and outside the gym, embodying the motto: Stronger together, one rep at a time.

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