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We do what we love.


Before beginning any exercise regimen, a thorough assessment is essential. We firmly believe that without proper assessment, you're merely guessing! That's why we implement a comprehensive assessment process during the initial training consultation and throughout the entire training journey. Each individual undergoes a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) as a foundational assessment prior to training. 

M.O.V.E. NJ Fitness & Performance Training Assessment

This screening helps pinpoint any asymmetries or movement dysfunctions in essential movement patterns, which could increase the risk of injury. The assessment serves dual purposes: determining the client's physical readiness for exercise and crafting a personalized exercise program aligned with their unique needs and goals. Every session is athletically centered and meticulously tailored by a Certified Personal Trainer.

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Our focus is on utilizing a range of equipment, including free weights, kettlebells, cable resistance, suspension training, and various other tools such as medicine balls, sleds, bands, and battling ropes. These proven training techniques are aimed at strengthening muscles, burning calories, and enhancing functional strength, mobility, and endurance, similar to athletes, regardless of age.


Our equipment selection is specifically chosen to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts in terms of energy output and results and is used in a variety of workouts that may be included in your individual training plan: 

Mobility Classes

Kettlebell Workouts

Suspension Training

Free Weight Exercises

Bodyweight Exercises

Band Exercises

Battle Rope Workouts  

Strength Training

Functional Fitness 

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Few things are as fulfilling as enhancing someone's quality of life. At M.O.V.E. NJ F&P, we believe that prioritizing health and fitness enables individuals to fully enjoy life's experiences, whether it's spending time with loved ones, exploring the world, supporting meaningful causes, or excelling in their careers. That's why our primary aim is to assist individuals in setting and achieving their personal objectives. These goals may span from weight loss to muscle building, enhancing performance to correcting posture issues, or even just being able to keep up with and enjoy time with their children. Ultimately, our satisfaction and accomplishment are intertwined with your happiness and success. 

M.O.V.E. NJ Fit Personal Training
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